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Healthcare Delivery Support

Healthcare Delivery Support – Modernization and Reform

Our experts and support staff work with government, nonprofit and private healthcare institutions and programs in the delivery of quality care through efficient and effective processes.  We research, manage and provide information and data on planning, designing, funding, building, improving, and maintaining safe, healthy, high-performance healthcare facilities and programs in Africa and other emerging markets.

We assist healthcare institutions, organizations and communities offer their patients the best care by providing service delivery management support and training needed to improve the quality of care at their organization.

We assist healthcare institutions with effective project management tools that enable leaders of hospital and healthcare programs create more accurate budgets, a give them the ability to control these budgets while increasing productivity.

Our specialists and experts assist healthcare institutions and programs define clear and effective communication processes and channels to ensure that physicians, nurses, social workers and administrators have immediate access to important information, as well as coordinate their efforts such as making sure that they prescribe the right drugs to the patients, and also that these drugs are compatible with each other.

We assist hospitals, public health facilities and programs use methods such as Lean, Six Sigma or 5S to identify and eliminate wasteful processes, and as a result, save valuable time. For example, emergencies need acute medical care and timely treatment, in many of such cases delays can be fatal and costly. Which is why healthcare providers need to make sure that the process from admittance to the hospital to getting the patient to the operating room is as quick as possible. These types of processes can be standardized and optimized, and enable hospitals and public health facilities to offer better care for patients.  Our role is to help them put in place these processes.