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Monitoring & Evaluation


Through monitoring and evaluation, our experts and support staff work to improve our clients’ institutional, administrative and operational performance and achieve results. Our goal during monitoring and evaluation is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes, and impact.

Through monitoring activity, we systematically collect, analyze and use available information to track the progress of institutions, administrations and operations toward expected objectives and to guide management decisions. Part of that implies focusing on the processes, such as when and where activities occur, who delivers them and how many people or entities they have reached.  Ideally, and in every undertaken, we begin monitoring activities after a program or operation has begun and continues throughout the implementation phases of the program or operation.

Through evaluation activity, we conduct a systematic assessment of an activity, project, program, strategy, policy, operational area or institution’s performance. This normally includes focusing on expected and achieved accomplishments; examining the results chain (inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts.), processes, contextual factors, and casualty in order to understand

the achievements or the lack of achievements.  In our evaluation work, we aim at determining the relevance, impact, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of all and any interventions.