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Agriculture Development, Extension and Food Processing

We are skilled in increasing rural incomes and in stimulating the rural economy through rural agricultural development, agricultural extension, and agricultural food processing entrepreneurship.

We deliver results by focusing on improving factor productivity and the competitiveness of agricultural products by providing assistance for the: a) privatization of rural lands; b) privatization and rehabilitation of select rural infrastructure; and c) improvement of human resources skills for entrepreneurship in rural areas; d) introduction of new farming technologies consistent with transformed private agriculture; and e) improvement in food quality; f) farm drainage rehabilitation; g) land use management; h) agricultural advisory services; i) food quality control and marketing from start to finish.  We are experienced in reducing risk, assuring quality and ensuring completion of agriculture project activities on time and on budget.

We are proficient and capable in leading the design and implementation phases of the Energy & Farming components, providing technical advisory on irrigation, farming and financing model/mechanism that are appropriate to our clients and beneficiaries.

We work hard to establish partnerships with local NGOs, farmer cooperatives, and government stakeholders, and good at working closely with relevant actors in the agriculture value chain to ensure the successful introduction of solar irrigation systems to the market and adoption by farmers in selected parts of the country.

We are capable of leading the identification of project target regions with high irrigation potential and need for irrigation improvement, and knowledgeable in working with the relevant government agencies to ensure alignment with their priorities as well as in reaching out to small farmers communities including leading on project mobilization and outreach to farmers as well as in organizing, promoting and managing outreach events.

In managing agricultural projects, our goal is to always achieve accelerated growth, employment creation , nd poverty reduction.  We know how to scale up support to reduce poverty and unemployment; improve rural livelihoods and food and nutrition security by increasing agricultural production and productivity, linking farmers to markets, reducing risk and vulnerability, and providing technical assistance.