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Who We Are


Magowi Consulting Group (MCG) builds partnerships and facilitates teamwork, mobilizes expertise and recruits subject matter specialists, technocrats, and support personnel to solve our clients’ toughest challenges by providing unique and unmatched services in the following areas:

  • Project conception and planning;
  • Project implementation;
  • Project monitoring and evaluation.

Using technology, applied research, innovative approach, and systems of control, we drive and optimize cutting-edge results that reduce cost and provide strategies for service delivery and service integration to eliminate waste and redundancies across several industry sectors.

We organize and manage resources for our clients, partners and supporters in such a way that the resources deliver all the work required to complete a project within defined scope, time and cost constraints.

We partner with small, medium and large investors and employers, government institutions and nonprofit organizations to drive innovative processes that improve the way emerging markets and African communities build, strengthen, and maintain efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, as well as improve lives and communities.

With tested and collective subject matter expertise and in-depth tasks management specialization across major industries and all business functions, we deliver measurable and transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital labor market, knowledge-based economy and evolving human community in Africa and other emerging markets.  These competences and capabilities coupled with an over 40 years of combined policy and research experience, empower us to:

Shape the future of our clients and the communities in Africa and other emerging markets;

Transform the services and outreach of businesses, governmental institutions and nonprofits organizations through industry expertise, technology and insights;

Create value for our clients and communities through applied research, in-depth investigations, expert analysis, new experiences, new intelligence and new connections;

Empower investors and businesses, government institutions and nonprofit organizations with cutting-edge solutions using established and emerging technologies and tools; and

Deliver effective cost-benefit’s outcomes for our clients, partners and supporters through visionary infrastructure, visual impact security analysis, and business process services.


We are empowered by the knowledge and understanding of governance, social and economic systems