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We design, undertake and facilitate initiatives that deliver targeted education, training, and employment support services that allow people to improve their opportunities for jobs and job security. These efforts assist employers and businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations, universities, and training institutions understand and anticipate the changing demand for skills in the knowledge-based economy.

We help youth and adults in acquiring knowledge and developing skills beyond basic literacy, numeracy, and life skills, which are part of the core education program, and behaviors to find legitimate jobs, establish viable self-employment ventures, and stay employed and productive in a changing economy.

We build tools and systems that link and bring together job seekers and employers. We plan and research the need to target training services to business demand in communities that are underserved, underdeveloped marginalized, and have high levels of unemployment, and skill gaps problems.

We provide an interconnected set of solutions to meet employees’ needs by preparing workers with needed skills; emphasizing the value of workplace learning and addressing the hiring demands of employers from the outset. Our objective is to provide workers with career development opportunities and businesses with the best employees.

We are skilled in enabling individuals and groups to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes for gainful employment, or in improving work performance; and in providing investors and employers with an effective means to communicate and meet their demand for skills.

We develop approaches that enhance a region’s economic stability and prosperity by focusing more on people rather than businesses. This includes highlighting the importance of soft and non-cognitive skills development.  We have developed the competence in scaling approaches and the human resource strategy that focuses on expanding the capacities of people rather than businesses or institutions with the view assisting job seekers to acquire the skills that employers need most. It includes targeted education and training.